Are you out there on the streets?

I began this blog sometime ago, I knew I would come back to it and now feel its the right time to continue, I feel excited by the subject area, is anyone else I ask myself? Anybody out there interested in these?

  • roads
  • motorways
  • zebra crossings
  • interventions in public spaces
  • anonymity
  • between time and space
  • the soft estate, roadside verges
  • the growing lack of contact pedestrians have with drivers now we have traffic lights at zebra's
  • lighting
  • hard shoulders
  • road kill
  • tribute to people killed on the road/shrines on roads
  • art in streets and public spaces
I want to find others who are interested or work in these areas, doesn't matter what you do. So if you know anyone who might be interested, pass on the message. It would be great to have a dialogue with you.

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