Dungeness Trip

Have you been to Dungeness, if you haven't get there quick. Its incredible, its the southern most point of Romney Marsh in Kent,the place Derek Jarman made his home and worked on his garden which gave him great solice. The shingle beach goes on for miles like a flat desert dropping to a sea that you cannot see, rather like standing on the edge of the world. I was deeply moved to immerse myself in this place and know I will return.

Don't forget to participate in The Plastic Bag Hunters Project, find a bag stuck on a fence, in a tree, on a kerbside, before you pick it up, send an image, location of siting, writing or experience of your hunt, these will be placed on the project website in an ongoing and developing work. click on the Plastic Bag Hunters link on this site for more info on the project.
Good luck with your collecting

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