The Dartmoor body

I spent the weekend in Dartmoor, working with a small group from a Body Weather background, a new experience for me but also found some crossover with the notion of immersing oneself in the landscape, I think I do this with site and language. We went to Wistmans Wood to do some work; an amazing place. Make sure you go and see it if you are travelling to Dartmoor, it has a silent energy, a small wood of stunted twisted oaks, remnants of an ancient woodland dating back to prehistoric times. I flet like I was entering into the underworld. By the way make sure you turn an item of clothing you are wearing inside out otherwise the pixies might get you. We have this need to think of the land, especially rural locations as untouched and wild, but the land is managed and constructed through human intervention. If you look on a map of Dartmoor many areas are named as forests but there are now no trees, a result of agriculture, open face tin mining and animal habitation a primary cause of the wholesale loss of woodland.

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